Take a Break Pet Care 


               Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Wake Forest, NC


Most behavior problems can be corrected simply by giving your dog more exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day.  Whether your pet just needs a quick potty break or a lengthy walk, you can count on us to meet your pet's daily needs.  

To keep your pets safe and clean, during inclement weather or extreme temperatures, walk services will be limited to a quick outdoor potty break followed by plenty of indoor play and attention.

​*Holidays (Dec 24-Jan 1, Easter Fri-Sun, Memorial Day Fri-Mon, July 4, Labor Day Fri-Mon, Thanksgiving Wed-Sun)-$5 Additional per daily visit and $10 additional per overnight stay applies 


​​This service is perfect for the family that works long hours, has a young or older pet that needs to go out more often during the day, has a pet with excess energy or socialization needs, or for a pet that needs to be crated when home alone.  We will come and give your pet a potty break by letting them out in your fenced yard or on leash outside your home, give them an opportunity to stretch their legs, give them access to fresh water, feed/medicate if necessary, and show them the love that they deserve!  Rates below cover up to 3 pets in the home or to walk one dog at a time for the duration of the visit.  If you'd like more than one dog walked at a time, for the duration of the visit, it will be an additional $2 per dog.                                                                                                           

30 minute visit/walk-$20 per visit 

45 minute visit/walk-$25 per visit 

60 minute visit/walk-$30 per visit 

*Payment for services is due in advance.  We accept cash, checks, and paypal.